Crisis Core

Video - FAQ

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I have been getting asked a lot of questions (Emails/Chatbox/Youtube) so I thought I would cover them in a general video FAQ

  1. Q: How do you Record Videos from the PSP?
    A: I use a program called RemoteJoy, and Custom firmware. I have also made a Guide for this, that you can find Here.

  2. Q: Can I download the videos off your site?
    A: Yes you can, you can find them here.

  3. Q: Why cant I play the videos I downloaded from your site?
    A: The videos on my site are in FLV Format. FLV is a type of Flash Video format. You need the correct Codecs to be able to play it. Google FLV and you will find it.

  4. Q: Can you give me your videos in XXX format?
    A: No. At the current time I am Only offering my videos in FLV. Thats it thats all. If you want it in a different format, convert it yourself. I know for a fact that FLV files can be converted in PSP Video 9 To MP4. (

  5. Q: Well is there anywhere else I can download Crisis Core Videos?
    A: Why yes there is! You can find all the FMV's of the game (the Pre-Rendered videos, like the popular Sephirtoth - Angeal - Genesis fight) at Syde's Filefront: All videos in Avi format.

  6. Q: "r u planning to post these up for download? if so, use filefront, or mediafire, please!"
    A: (I felt I had to quote that directly) I will NEVER put any of my videos on ANY site other then my own or youtube.

  7. Q: Will you be putting up the (Insert Random Storyline event with Voice Acting) scene?
    A: If it is a Storyline event with Voice acting, and at least some importance to the plot of Crisis Core, chances are yes I will. I just have not gotten to it yet. Also, I did not start recording videos till a wile into the game, so some of the earlier videos will not go up till I do New Game +.
    However I would also like to add that if the scene does not have voice acting, and you think that I would find it an interesting scene, then ask away, and if I find it interesting Ill record it.

  8. Q: Will you be recording the ending?
    A: *sigh* Iv been asked this far to many times... before I was not sure, but now yeah I will be. Just havenít gotten there yet (well I have, I beat the game, just have not recorded up till that point yet). And yes, like I did with the Japanese version, I will be recording the Storyline events, as well as the fighting.

  9. Q: Im stuck at XXX Part in the game, can you help?
    A: No. No I can not. I am not a walkthrough, and if you are stuck its not my fault. If you do however want a walkthrough, you can find an awesome one by Absolute Steve Here (Gamefaqs)

  10. Q: I really like your videos, is there any way I can help you?
    A: ^_^ sure, feel free to donate money to my host (to help pay for this site), donations: Here.