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// Contents \\

Good Items
Genji Equipment
Side Quests
-Air strike
-Wutai spies
-7 Nibelheim Events
-Shinra Mansion Safe
New Game Plus



// Good Items \\

Item Name (Mission) - Japanese Name *What it does*
Safety Bit (10-1-3) -セーフティビット  *Protects from Instant Death*
Supper Ribbon (9-6-2) -スーパーリボン  *Protects from all Status effects (including Instant Death)*
Break HP Limit (7-3-6) -アダマンバングル *HP limit from 9,999 to a max of 99,999*
Break MP Limit (7-3-4) -金のかみかざり *MP limit from 999 to a max of 9,999*
Break AP Limit (7-3-1) -黒頭巾 *AP limit from 999 to a max of 9,999*
Break Damage Limit (7-4-6) -インビンシブル  *Damage limit from 9,999 to a max of 99,999*
Magic Punch (1-5-4 or 4-5-6 in chest) -マジカルパンチ  *Does Massive Damage*
Book Of Item Fusion (7-2-1) -アイテム合成の書 *Allows you to add fuse items when mixing Materia*
Key Holder (7-2-2) -キーホルダー  *gives you one more Accessory slot*
Back Pack (7-2-5) -バックパック *gives you an extra accessory slot*

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// Genji Equipment \\

Genji Helmet -源氏の兜 *Auto-Scan/0 MP/AP Cost*
- Can be bought from the 15'th shop (ネットショップ 闇) (you can get the shop from Mission 9-5-4) (Costs 1,000,000 Gil, and can only be        bought once)

Genji Armor -源氏の鎧 *Break HP Limit/Auto-Regen/Auto-Endurance*
- You get it when you have 100% on all D.M.W. (that means if you miss a Summon like Phoenix, you can not get this)

Genji Shield -源氏の盾 *Auto-Protect/Auto-Shell/absorb all elements/block all status effects*
- Find a Magic Pot in mission 7-6-6 (Random encounter), and use the following on him (only when he asks for them. He always ask in this order):
   Gil Toss > Sacrifice Punch > 99,999 Damage > Sephiroth's Limit Break

-This may take... MANY attempts. if you are having trouble doing 99,999 damage (as Sacrifice Punch likes to do 0 damage to Magic Pot most of the time) Try doing Magic Punch, as that tends to always do 99,999 damage). Also, to increase the chance of getting Sephiroth's Limit, buy the  八刀一閃 (light Purple materia) from the 調査課極秘支援室 shop. This will increase the chances of getting his limit. Have fun with that...

Genji Glove -源氏の小手 *Break Damage Limit/attacks are always Critical*
-Finish mission 9-6-4

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// Summons \\

Ifrit - finish mission 8-1-1
Bahamut - finish mission 8-1-4
Bahamut Retsu - finish mission 8-5-6
Odin - finish mission 8-1-6
Phoenix - when you get to Nibelheim for the first time (that place with Sephiroth and Cloud), talk to the boy at your right and choose the first option, then examine the water fountain
Chocobo - open the chest under a tree in mission 8-4-1
Tonberry - kill the Tonberry in mission 6-1-5, then finish mission 10-2-1, 10-2-2 and 10-2-3
Cait Sith - open the chest next to the rock in mission 8-4-3
Moogle - open the chest behind the place where you start in mission 8-4-4
Magic Pot - in mission 10-2-3 go straight from where you start, and the first encounter spot will spawn him, you'll need to kill him using the four materia Jump, Fira, Gravity and Spin Attack. Attack him only when he starts to ask for it. Example, You spawn him, he asks for Jump, Jump, he ask for Fira, Fira, etc.
Cactuar - Kill the Cactuar in mission 3-1-3 (watch out you'll need to go around the mission's final monster) and finish mission 10-1-1,10-1-2 and 10-1-3

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// Side Quests \\

--Air strike--
During the air strike (after going to the ware house with Tseng at Angeal's hometown)
You'll get to cut down missiles and extinguish some green spotlights

If you get a 10 combo on cutting the missiles you get
-1000 Gil
-a perfect bonus of 500 Gil

And if you extinguish all spotlights
-an Ether
-a Soma
-an X-Potion
-an Elixir
-a Phoenix Tail

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--Wutai spies--
There's a mission about some Wutai spies here's how to get them:

1. Man in LOVELESS area.
2. Soldier in Sector 5 Market area.
3. Shinra Entrance area, the man who comes out from the elevator.
4. Woman on top of the fountain area.
5. Shinra Exhibition Room, the man in the middle of the room.
6. The little boy at the Sector 5 Park.

You have to get them in order, and its one by one.

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--7 Nibelheim Events--

You have to follow these instructions in order.

1st Event - Talk to the boy in town. You'll see a water tower in the middle of town, go examine it, and you'll find the Phoenix Materia, go back to the boy.

2nd Event - Talk to the boy, go to the inn's 2nd floor and examine the girl's painting. Then go back to the boy and talk to him. Go back to the painting and you will see that the girl in the painting is gone. Before you can go on you must have been to the mako factory (where Zack finds out about Jenova for the first time). When you go down the stairs the guy being the counter will go upstairs, follow him slowly upstairs then wait until he gets inside the room. Go inside and go speak again to the boy. Make sure you don't startle the man while you follow him otherwise you'll have to reload your game.

3rd Event - Talk to the boy like usual Go to these special bombs which are to the East of the mountain roads, you'll see some children and a pillar of light where you'll need to turn. Kill the special bombs, just watch out that they don't self-destroy, if you hit them they'll go smaller. When you finish them off you get an item and go back to talk with to the boy.

4th Event - You need to open the safe in the Mansion. To open the safe you need to follow the instructions below this side quest.

5th Event - To do this one, you'll have to do the storyline until Sephiroth goes to the basement. Go down the basement through the stone door in the East room from the 2nd floor. Defeat a monster and you'll obtain a key(one monster one key, you can get a lot), you will then use this key to open the coffins in the basement's 2nd floor. You only need to open the the coffin where Vincent is sleeping(he was in the East room in the coffin more to the west). If you get it wrong you'll get some monsters to beat. After you've seen the "zzzz" go talk to the usual boy. Make sure you don't go in the South room before talking to the boy or you'll have to reload your game.

6th Event - Now for the sixth event go in the South room. When getting out you'll have some dialog, after that you'll see the boy in front of the Inn. You will have to save this boy's mother within 1 minute. She's on the 2nd floor and you have to talk to her, also you'll need to go out where you came from. Now the tricky part about this is that you wont see where Zack is headed so try going toward the window that you'll be pointed to, and then come back using the inverse way. If you don't make it out you'll have to reload your game.

7th Event - When done with all 6 events, you can keep going with the story and when you'll get out of the Mansion you'll receive the boy's email, read it. Go to the Eastern part of the road that's outside. You will be able to find a shining yellow dot down the fence, pick it up its a Wall materia. You've finished the Nibelheim events.

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--Shinra Mansion Safe--

1st Digit - Count the number of books NOT in the bookshelf located in the North-East room(You must count those on top of the book self and watch out for those that might be at the farthest right)

2nd Digit - Count the number of monsters located in the East room of the 1st floor (watch out some of them flicker from visible to invisible really slowly so make sure you've got them all)

3rd Digit - Count the number of apples AND apple juice cans located in the room next to the safe room (the apples are purplish, and watch out some might be hidden a bit behind another one, just zoom around them to make sure)

4th Digit - Count the number of chairs located in the West room of the 1st floor(very easy, 1st floor, room to the left)

You only need to count the things inside rooms that you look through the keyhole.

Come back to talk to the boy after you've opened it.

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// Things that get Carried over on New Game Plus \\

-Character level and stats
-Normal Items (no important, key items, shops, summons etc)
-Materia and their level
-D.M.W. usage count (just the usage count, not the actual D.M.W.)
-Play Time

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