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Materia Basics
Kinds of Materia
Materia Levels
Materia Stages
Magic Translation Reference
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What are 'Materia'?
-Materia are like Accessories you equip that give you abilities, stat boosts, skills, and other things.

where can I get Materia?
-you can get them from Storyline events, doing Missions, the Store (later in the game)... all over the place.

What are the different kinds of Materia?
-There are Magic (Green), Skill (Yellow), Stat Augments (Purple), and Ability (blue).

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Kinds of Materia

- Magic (Fire/blizzard/Thunder)
- Heal Magic(Restores HP (Cure))
- Shield Magic (Protect/Shell types)
- Battle Skill (Lets you use battle Skills. These Skills use AP )
- Other Skills (Skills that allow you to do other things (Steal))
- Stat Augment (Increases Stats by ether a set value or Percentage)
- Ability (Grants special abilities in battle (Scan))

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Materia Levels

Each individual Materia has a level. When looking at the Materia you will see a colored sphere indicating the kind of Materia it is, the name of the Materia, followed by the Lv.x (where x is the level of the Materia), and then any Augments that Materia has. Example:

As Materia level up they get stronger, and generally do more damage or heal more. Some Materia (ones with no augment, or that do not do damage, such as Ability Materia) only level up to be more useful in Mixing.
For the most part, when you get Materia, its level one. As you level up, it gets stronger (some faster than others. See Materia Stages for more info), until they are MASTER'ed at level 5. When a Materia is at its highest level (MASTER) it will say MASTER instead of Lv. and at that point, it will not level up any further. Example:

How do Materia Level up?
You level up Materia though the Digital Mind Wave (D.M.W.) Modulation Phase (more on the D.M.W. can be found >>Here). As a quick summary: the D.M.W. is the Slot Machine like Reels in the top right corner of the screen. They constantly spin as long as you have SP. If and when two Characters line up on the left and right Reels, it will enter "Modulation Phase". This allows you to do Limits, summon, and level up yourself and your Materia.
You have NO control over when it enters Modulation Phase, nor what happens when it is in it. It is totally random. So basically, your limits/summons and all of your level ups are completely random.

-Materia level up when two or more of the same numbers come up. When you Equip Materia you assign it a 'slot'. Each slot has its own number from 1-6. You can see that here:

NOTE: You will not have access to all of the slots to start with. You must first unlock them with the Storyline and Missions.
When two of the same numbers come up, the corresponding slot gets a level up. For example: Letís say you have a Lv. 1 Fire in the first slot (Slot 1). Then you go into a battle and enter a Modulation Phase. The faces spin around and line up (the faces have no effect on Materia at all), and then the numbers line up, and you get 1-4-1, then the Lv 1 Fire would become Lv. 2 Fire. If you line up all 3 of the same number, like 1-1-1 then the Materia in that slot gains 2 levels. If however the number is a slot that has a MASTER Materia in it, nothing will happen. Here is an example of Materia leveling up:

In this example, the number '5' appeared twice, so the Materia in Slot 5 leveled up.

For more on Leveling up and the Digital Mind Wave, see the >>Digital Mind Wave Guide

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Materia Stages

What are Materia Stages?
Well good question, I used Stages for lack of another word. Usually I would refer to them as Levels, but I did I did not want them to get confused with Materia Levels. There are two main types of Materia Stages. Magic Stages and Augment Stages.

-Materia Stages for Magic are different versions of the same Materia, each getting stronger as they go on. They have been in Final Fantasy Games for many years. Although they have been known as different names, they are all basically the same thing. Example:
Are the main Stages of the Fire Magic. Each Stage of a magic is more powerful then the last, but costs more MP to cast.
Each Stage is identifiable by a specific Suffix (the basic level will usually have its own Suffix). The suffix for the second Stage or the '-ra' Stage is . And the Suffix for the third or "-aga" stage is . For example, Fire is , and Fira is . you can clearly see the '-ra' suffix. Finally Firaga is , and the '-aga' is still clearly visible. For a full list of magic translations check it out Here.

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Magic Translation Reference

Japanese English MP Cost Japanese English MP Cost Japanese English MP Cost
- Fire - 6MP - Blizzard - 6MP - Thunder - 6MP
- Fira - 14MP - Blizzara - 14MP - Thundara - 14MP
- Firaga - 32MP - Blizzaga - 32MP - Thundaga - 32MP
- Cure - 4MP - Regen - 7MP - Drain - 16MP
- Cura - 10MP - Esuna - 12MP - Protect - 16MP
- Curaga - 26MP - Dispell - 10MP - Shell - 16MP
- Graviga - 30MP - Poison - 2MP

More Translations to come!!

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