About Me

About me? Well... what about me? Hmmm, heres a basic rundown:
Name: Jaryth Frenette
Age: old
Gender: Male
Location: Canada

Interests: General nerdy stuff, games, web designing, 3D modeling and rendering, learning, doing stuff just because I can, fixing things, hacking things, helping people.

Right now I'm working as a Computer Service Technician, doing freelance web design on the side.

Aside from that, Im pretty much your every day nerd. I like Sci-Fi things (Stargate SG1/Atlantis, Eureka, Heroes, House, Startrek, all that), Music (mostly Rock/Alt-Rock, although Im a fan of Techno, and like to listen to Classical from time to time), games (Play a lot of RPGs, although I've been known to kick a fair bit of noob ass at Call of Duty 4. Plus I like Puzzle games), and all that stuff.

A lot of people know me (on the internet at least) though my work on Crisis Core. Crisis Core is a Final Fantasy VII spinoff (prequel) game on the PSP developed by Square Enix. When it came out in Japan, I took the time to write up a few FAQ's, and post a few images (since a lot of people did not have a PSP). Once it came out in English, I started recording videos (Link), and am known for the high quality I deliver, other than that, Im on some random forums, and DeviantArt (Link).