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April 6th

The Video Faq (RemoteJoy Guide) Got a full update! Check it out!

March 25th

The Video Section now has an RSS Feed, so you can keep track of exactly when new Videos are up. Enjoy.

March 24th

So, now the new English Crisis Core Video section is up!
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March 19th

So I quit my job recentlyÖ place sucked anyway, and Im in the middle of finding more employment, when I receive an email telling my hosting plan is about to expireÖ And I have no funds to pay for itÖ so Im pretty much screwed. So, Im truing to this, the nice people of the Internet. I pay about $120 a year for my host (not bad eh?) and about $9 a month. I could switch to the monthly payments, but I canít even sink the $10 I need into itÖ Plus I have to pay another $10 for the yearly Domain Renewal. And thatís $20 I just donít have to spend on this at the moment (Yes, I know it doesnít seem like much, but getting it up onto my PayPal, and then to Dream host (my host) would cost extra money, due to my bank being evil at the moment).

So, Im not demanding it. Im not gulling people into it. Just, if you liked the things on my site, please, help out a bit. Any amount (well over $0.50, as thatís the min it will take) would be greatly appreciated! And its all though Paypal (the link here Directs to Dreamhost, where you enter the amount you wish to donate, and then it brings you directly to paypal). All money donated goes directly into paying my bill (I donít get a Cent of it. Its all to hosting this site, I couldnít touch it if I wanted :D). So please. If you have liked the information on this site,
Donate towards my web hosting bill!
Click there and please help me out. I thank you. And you will know if no one donated, if on the 14íth of next month, the site is no longer up.

If I can manage to keep this site up and running for more then a month.. Ill be adding new updates with ENGLISH Crisis Core stuff! :D.

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