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This page look odd? Try getting to it again, from here. The entire sites been redesigned!

So... yeah.. XD.
So, I got Crisis Core... started playing it... and thought it was damn awesome. So I went on the GameFaqs forum, and found a bunch of other people that liked the game to! Also, as GameFaqs is a good place to go when help is needed, there were a lot of people on the forum that needed help. At first I would simply type it out. Then I would copy and paste links to other topics (that had the answers), finally I decided just to dedicate a section of my personal site (, to helping people with Crisis Core. Since GameFaqs does not allow Image FAQs (actually they are quite harsh on Images in general...), putting this information on my own site would allow me to incorporate as many images as I want. Mostly images contain the Japanese words. I hope that many people can learn from this site, and use it to better play Crisis Core. This site should be constantly updated with new information as long as I have time for it. And anyone that helps contribute to the site will be credited for it.
Also, GameFaqs is a great site for help to! Just... if you see someone asking a question that EVERYONE asks, and you know it痴 on my site... just give them a link... simple and easy ^_^.

About me? Well, if you haven稚 found out yet, from the URL of, or the forum name of Jaryth000, My name is Jaryth. I like Final Fantasy games, and other Role Playing Games. If you want to know more about me, check out the main part of this site, at

Just please keep in mind I put a lot of work into this site, even if it does not look like much. I screencapped and edited all of the images. I知 even Coding the entire thing by hand. All HTML here is typed by hand... no fancy generators for me (I have FrontPage and all that... I just prefer to do it by hand).

As you can easily see, the site is very plain. That is because at the moment, I see no reason to make it a full layout of its own. If the site gets big enough, and gets used enough, maybe I値l put time into that. For now... I知 far too lazy.

Finally, if you find any spelling mistakes.... well... I知 not surprised. I知 doing 90% of this site wile I知 half dead after work at like 4AM... so yeah...

Anyway, Thanks for coming and thanks for reading this!!