About the site

So, I finally got around to redesigning my site. I think it turned out pretty good. Im still working on it, so itís not completely done, but the majority has been completed.

Im now using a PHP loading method for the pages, so I only have one primary page I have to edit to change the whole site. One of the primary things I was going for in this redesign is the use of the transparent PNG. Im not sure why, but the transparency has always interested me. The underlying idea I got from a site one day, but I recreated everything from scratch, just to call it my own.

At the moment, its not HTML or CSS valid, and thus may cause some problems, but I threw together a mashup of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP together in a few hours time... so... whatever? Ill get around to making it valid eventually.

So, as pointed out on the home page, this site is a place to for me to basically show off. One of the main things I have to show off, is the work I did on the Crisis Core Videos (Link). Looking at the Source of that shows how much work I put into it... all coded by hand (as with this page).

Also, another little cool thing I did, is the ability for you (the visitor) to change the color scheme. Granted itís not perfect, but itís still pretty interesting. Check it out!

Well thatís about it, Im glad I got the redesign done... the old page was everything but valid, and was like 3 years old

Updates from when the site was first made:
-Update - The site is now Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, exept the Stats Counter I use... which fails with 8 errors, but I dont care. The site its self (my code) is valid, and thats all I care about.
-Update 2 - Site is now also CSS Valid
-Update 3 - Found a new Stat Counter Code, now 100% valid!! Woot!
-Update 4 - Art Section + Gallery are now done. This is the first time I've had a real working Gallery (that I've liked) on any of the sites I've made. Im happy with the way it turned out. Check out the gallery Here. NOTE: The Gallery is NOT Valid HTML. but it was automatically generated, and there is NO way Im redoing all that by hand just to make it valid.

New Set of Updates:
-Dissidia section ahs been added to site: Check It Out
-Projects Page has been Upaded.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid CSS!