Crisis Core

Digital Mind Wave (D.M.W.) Guide

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The Following is provided by Pazuzu/Hikumi. Thanks!

Also note that what I refer to as 'Modulation Phase' he calls 'Reach Mode'

OK, the DMW on the top left runs on its own, with no input from you. You can't speed it up, you can't make it stop. As it runs it slowly uses up SP, but unless you're making a materia a minute, you'll never ever have a SP problem.

In battle, the numbers on the DMW will have the following effects:
(* = any number)

77* - Unlimited AP/MP
7*7 - Immune to physical damage
*77 - Immune to magical damage
7** - Unlimited AP
*7* - Unlimited MP
**7 - Put in the "Endure" status (no recoil from being attacked)

777 - Take no damage from anything (Invincible status)
666 - All hits deal critical damage (Critical status)
555 - Immune to physical damage
444 - Unlimited AP
333 - Immune to magical damage
222 - Unlimited MP
111 - Take no damage from anything (Invincible status)

Note that all effects are temporary, and "unlimited" means that the MP/AP bar doesn't count down while the status is in effect.

if the faces on the left and right of the DMW bar are the same, you'll enter Reach Mode. This is where you can get Limit Breaks and character development.
The chances of reaching Reach Mode rise as Zack's limit bar gets higher.

In Reach Mode, if all three faces are the same, you'll get a Limit Break. Which one you get is determined by which faces you line up. If you line up three silhouettes (i.e. you haven't met the character yet), you get a simple high-damage attack.
If a memory is displayed, the chance of getting three faces increases.

In Reach Mode, the numbers act independently of the faces. Whether or not you get three matching face, certain number combinations trigger development.

If you get 777, you level up.

If you get two matching numbers, the materia in that slot levels up. If you get three matching numbers, that materia goes up 2 levels.

For example, if you get Reach Mode, and get three Tseng faces with 442 and you have Cure equipped in the fourth slot, it will level up and you will use the Air Strike Limit Break.

Reach Mode can also spontaneously switch into a summon bar. I'm not sure if there's any pattern to that.
There's also 5 levels of the Limit Breaks, and which one is used also seems to be random.

Provided WITH permission from Creator