Completed Projects

Completed Projects have temporarily been removed from the site

The main completed project I would like to showcase would be, well... this site I guess. I have worked hard to code this site, and make sure it is completely operational. For a site I have done completely by hand (images, code, everything) totally by myself, itís not all that bad. Have a look around, see what you like, and please, feel free to view the source!

Two main things to have a look at, the Color theme option: As well as one of the things I worked the absolute most on, the Crisis Core video player. The player its self is based on JWís amazing FLV Media Player, with a lot of PHP and JavaScript of my own thrown in. For more info on JWís FLV Media Player, check out this: Please check out the Source Code on the video page... took forever working out the simplest things, but in the end, all of the PSPís buttons (that would normally work during video playback at least) function (Volume Up, Down, the D-Pad Left and Right, the X button, O button, Start, and more). It has support for direct link to videos though the URL (via PHP), and all the in page links an load the videos without refreshing the page. Once again, all of these features where coded by me by hand (well, all of the JavaScript inputs for the FLV player where codes by the masterful JW).

And thatís about it for my site, so please feel free to have a look around.

Current Projects

I am currently working on two different projects:

Crisis Core - a Final Fantasy PSP game based on the events that happened before Final Fantasy VII. Crisis Core is created and owned by Square Enix. When the game first came out in Japan (September 13, 2007) the first thing my site did was provide a place for translations and explanations for the players who did not quite understand Japanese. Since then, the game has come to North America in English (March 25, 2008) and the need for translation ended. So from that point on, due to constant requests to do so, I started recording videos from the events of Crisis Core. Mostly cutscenes at first, then some of the in-game scenes. People praised the videos for being high quality (well... compared to YouTube), and the demand for more videos lead me to put a bit more effort into the site its self. Within that, at some point I decided to completely redesign my site.

At this current time, there has not been much work done on Crisis core for a while, but thatís due to some complications in the recording method Iíve been using (for more on that, see: I will hopefully be uploading more videos in the future, but for the next while, there will be no more new videos.

Main Crisis Core section:

Crisis Core video selection:

Dissidia - A PSP game that combines the main characters and main villains of the first ten (main) Final Fantasy games into a combined world where they can fight each other head to head. The game came out in Japan on December 18, 2008, and since then my roll has been similar to that of the roll I had when Crisis Core came out. A collective place of translations/tips that players who do not fully understand Japanese can use to play the game. I also have a video section similar to the Crisis Core project, however there only videos I have uploaded at the moment are replays. Im still working on ways to record the in game scenes.

Main Dissidia section: