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Currently Available Videos:

-Storyline Videos
-Scene 0 - Intro Video
-Scene 1 Part 1
-Scene 1 Part 2
-Scene 2 Part 1
-Scene 2 Part 2
-Scene 2 Part 3
-Scene 2 Part 4
-Scene 2 Part 5
-Scene 3 Part 1
-Scene 3 Part 2
-Genesis Intro
-Genesis Wings
-Turks Intro --New!
-Project G
-Angeal Wings
-Epic Fight: Sephiroth Vs. Angeal and Genesis
-Zack's Gift --New!
-Aerith and Zack
-Off To Modeoheim --New!
-A Perfect Landing --New!
-Cloud's Intro
-Hojo's Speech --New!
-Genesis Summon --New!
-Genesis Attacks
-Angeal Attacks
-The Buster Sword --Kinda new...
-Zack's Speech --Kinda new...
-At The Beach
-Sephiroth Cares
-Clone at the Church
-Flower Wagon
-Off to Nibelheim
-Welcome to Nibelhim --Very New!!
-Tifa Guide --Very New!!
-The Malfunction --Very New!!
-The Same as These Monsters --Very New!!
-A Perfect Monster Indeed --Very New!!
-More Than Honor --Very New!!
-A Special Call --Very New!!
-Sephiroths Reaserch --Very New!!
-Results of Reaserch --Very New!!
-Into the Fire --Very New!!
-Hate and Anger --Very New!!
-Jenova --Very New!!
-Cloud vs Sephiroth --Very New!!
-You Did It --Very New!!
-New Test Subject --Very New!!
-The Soldier Name --Very New!!
-Getting Out --Very New!!
-23 Things --Very New!!
-Talk by the Lighthouse --Very New!!
-Target Lost --Very New!!
-Tasty Hair --Very New!!
-Off Again --Very New!!
-Welcome to Gongaga --Very New!!
-Return to the Turks --Very New!!
-S Cells --Very New!!
-New Clone --Very New!!
-Lend Me a Hand --Very New!!
-Ending Part 1 - Sephiroth991995 --Very New!!
-Ending FMV --New!
-DMW Videos (Digital Mind Wave)
-Sephiroth - Octaslash
-Angeal - Rush Assault
-Tseng - Air Strike
-Cloud - Meteor Shots
-Aerith - Healing Wave
-Cissnei - Lucky Stars
-Genesis - Apocalypse
-Ifrit - Hellfire
-Bahamut - Megaflare
-Bahamut Fury - Exaflare
-Odin - Zantetsuken
-Phoenix - Rebirth Flame
-Chocobo - Chocobo Stomp
-Cactuar - 1000 Needles
-Tonberry - Murderous Thrust
-Cait Sith - Courage Boost
-Moogle - Moogle Power
-Magic Pot - Item Muggler
-Battle Videos
-Beach Battle (+Comments)
As you can see, the Quality of this video is a bit lower... As its just a random Battle, I did not feel the need for it to be that high of quality.
-Other Videos
-End Clip (The Clip After the Credits) AKA Remade Tech Demo
-Item Error Found in Crisis Core (+Comments)
This is an interesting little Glitch I found in Crisis Core. I have one Item equipped, and yet in the Store, it says I have another equipped. Interesting little thing... I call it the Jaryth Glitch. XD

(No)More Coming soon!

Scene Breakdown

Scene0- Intro video

Part1- Zack jumps off the train, fights some noobs, runs up some stairs, and fights a behemoth. Part2- Sephiroth Attacks Zack, Angeal saves him.

Part1- Zack meets with Lazard for the first time gets told about a new mission.
Part2- Angeal and Zack Are on mission and Zack learns about Angeals past.
Part3- Yuffie Introduced.
Part4- Zack gets attacked By Wutai's Anti-SOLDIER Monsters and gets helped out by an old friend.
Part5- Zack Searches for Angeal when he gets attacked by a summon, then he finally gets to see a real Hero.
Part1- Zack finds gains a new ally, and gets sent to investigate his friends disappearance.
Part2- Zack learns more about Angeals past, and his connection with Genesis.

Currently Final News Update

What�s with the title? Well it�s the final one for now, but might not be the final one forever. Anyway, long story short, I�ve uploaded pretty much every voice acted scene except two. One being the scene where Aerith and Zack first meet and the other being the ending (minus the final cutscene). The first scene I hate with a passion, and the second, well let�s just say that if you want to see the end of the game, support Square Enix and buy the game. It�s a good game!

Once again, thanks to VXX for the usual �chat mod� stuff, which usually consists of telling people off for being stupid. Something that seems to happen a lot with Final Fantasy 7 fans unfortunately...
I'll also thow a quick shout out to michelle123 for all of her help too!

Finally, I hope you�ve all enjoyed the videos, and PLEASE if you did, Donate to help pay for my hosting costs! This site uses up a HELL of a lot of bandwidth.
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Show Old Updates

Minor Update II

So a few more videos have been uploaded, mostly just rounding off the major gaps in the old list. As a note, although you may understand the game a bit by watching these videos, there�s still SO much more to the game you can get though playing it. Everyone watching these videos that does not already own the game, should go out and buy it, as it really is an amazing game. Support Square Enix :D!

Also, sorry if these newer videos are not as high of quality as the older ones, the new process Im using to record/encode them takes about a third less of the time and work of the old way, but results in a bit less of quality. But, bear with it, as its the only way that will keep me from getting to lazy to complete this...

I was finally able to record "The Buster Sword" in english. Last time around, it crashed one me EVERY time... Also, I had that and Zack's Speech as one video, now I've split it into two. Enjoy.

At the moment... Im still working on more videos... and do have possible plans for more... maybe even some very highly requested Nibelheim events.... we'll see... :P.

Minor Update I

A few little things, first, thanks to VXX for the help moderating the Chatbox. Also, made some little modifications to the page code so the Source is a little prettier, and hopefully will load a bit faster. Finally, and do NOT get your hopes up for much more... I have indeed uploaded ONE new video. We will see what the future brings, but Im not saying for sure that I am uploading more.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

I have just added a section for my site, for the new Square Enix PSP game: Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Check it out here:


New Update: So I finally got around to redesigning my site. Took me longer to do this page due to the complexity of it, not to mention the fact that this entire page was built form the ground up to be just a BIT larger than the template I used for the rest of the site. So after doing a quick remake of the template, I was able to fit most of the page in... Then I realized that the old PSP image I was using, did not have a transparent background, so I decided to re-Photoshop a new image up. Well with the PSP-2000 out for the last while, and the PSP-3000 on its why, I thought it was time for the image to have an update. Took me forever to re-position everything... but in the end I got it all together.

Not only that, but I also found a new code for the Chatbox that lets it be XHTML Strict! So now the whole site is valid! Woot! Within that though, I don't have access (due to the fact that I'm using the free chatbox. If someone wants to donate some money (donate) I'd be willing to get the newer one) to the advanced CSS abilities, so I cannot skin it to make it fit in. Still, site looks better now (IMO) and Im glad I got it all up to date. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to add them to the Chatbox, or email them to me at

Oh, and on one last note, the old video page still exists, and you can see it here: Video Page

-OLD UPDATE- Yes, I know some people (ok, a lot of people) have messaged me, asking me where all the new videos are. Well, I'll tell you what happened.

So things where good, I was recoding videos and nothing was going wrong, a few hiccups here and there but never anything to major. Until that is, I ran into a major hiccup with the video "The Buster Sword". Every time I tried to record it, my entire PSP would just lock up and die. I tried so many different ways to do it, and they all failed. It was such an important scene storyline wise, that I just could not leave it out... So I asked a fellow Crisis Core Recorder (SilentTweak) if I could use his Japanese Version of the scene, and I would just sync up the video. So, I did that, and it was about an hour's worth of work on just that one video. In the end, that one worked out so it was ok.
After that things went smoothly for a bit. I got out some more videos, did all the DMW stuff, and no problems... Till I ran into another "The Buster Sword" part, and this was enough to piss me off enough to make me stop. Well, stop recording for a little wile at least.
Up until that point, I had been playing the game in sections at a time, and then recording them. After that moment, I just went on playing the games, and keeping save points at each major location I would like to take a video at. The plan was, after I had beaten the game, to go back and record all the videos. It was around this time that God of War came out on the PSP, and I wanted to try that before jumping back into Crisis Core. But that required me to upgrade my Firmware, an acceptable price.
So I played and beat God of War (5 hours later...) and then about a week later, I decided to go back to recording videos. Only.... Every save file I tried to load, out of the 50+ files I have... everyone it said "file is corrupt". There is NO reason that it should have done that. The only thing I can think that could have caused it, was the fact that I upgrade my firmware (CFW). So, I Downgraded back down to the firmware I Was on originally, and all the save files where still corrupted.
That there was enough to put me off recording videos for a pretty long while. Till about a week ago. When I said Fuck it, Ill just start a new file, CWCheat it up, and get though the game quickly. So I did.

Now, I really doubt I will be able to get though the entire game before losing interest in this project again... however, at the very least I will try to get the Initial part of the game recorded and uploaded. At the moment, I have about the first Hour or so recorded. As you can see, I am also recording a lot more content then I was before, and that (even if I do end up doing the whole game) will only be for the initial part of the game. After that, it will only be major storyline events. I will probably go back to the constant recording for the end of the game, like I did for the Japanese ending.

As you may also have noticed the new naming scheme. This is for several reasons. The main reason being organization. I can organize the videos while recording them, so much better with this method, then I could with the old method. Another reason is pure laziness, I'm far too lazy to come up with names for all the different scenes, and frankly I've run out of ideas :P. So, for now, the videos will be recorded into Scenes and Parts. For each mini arc of the game, there will be a scene, and each scene will be made up of multiple parts (multiple recording sessions). Kind of like Acts and Scenes in a play.

Well, thats all from me for now, sorry for the Wall of Text. Hope you like the videos! And feel free to donate!!.


Update: I added a Chatbox to this page... so you can talk to people wile watching videos... leave comments...
stuff like that. Ill see how it turns out And I might or might not keep it.
Update: Added an RSS Feed. Subscribe to it to get the latest videos! XML
Update: Added new Categories: Battle Videos, and Other Videos. I also added the Ability to add comments. Just click the (+Comments) to see the comments.
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Update: The Volume and Mute buttons (- Vol + and the Note) all work now. Try them out, play a video, then use the - and + buttons to turn the volume up and down!
Oh, and I just got the Left and Right D-Pad buttons working. They now Scrub though the video.

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